About the Book

Diet for the Sports-Minded Male

Using Sports Strategies the Lose Weight and Gain Health

 Diet for the Sports-Minded Male uses sports strategies, concepts, and motivational techniques to transform dieting into an invigorating challenge similar to that of training for a sport. Using this technique, its very easy for men of all ages, backgrounds and body types to successfully complete the diet and change their habits – and their lives forever.

On the surface, the typical American male doesn’t appear to be a prime candidate for dietary success. In fact, most guys scoff at the idea of dieting. But who can blame them. Like most Americans they have become discouraged and confused with the entire notion of dieting. All their efforts have been wasted on diets that have been too difficult to follow, too tasteless, or too ridiculous to mention. Besides, guys don’t like being told what to do and they especially don’t like being told what to eat. What they need is a book written specifically for them. And now they have it.


The Book


Introduction: The Winning Formula

Chapter 1: The Concept of Seasons

Chapter 2: Keeping Score

Chapter 3: Object of the Game

Chapter 4: Making Changes

Chapter 5: Trick Plays

Chapter 6: A Word about Exercise

Chapter 7: Play Ball!

Chapter 8: Training Camp—Week Two

Chapter 9: Training Camp—Week Three

Chapter 10: Training Camp—Week Four

Chapter 11: Training Camp—Weeks 5 through 8

Chapter 12: The Season—Weeks 9 through 12

Chapter 13: Off-Season—Weeks 13 through 16

About the Author




Diet for the Sports-Minded Male mimics a typical sports season complete with a training camp and an off-season. A few important notes on the book:

  • The entire year is divided into three dieting seasons so that progress and motivation can be sustained throughout the year.


  • Specific dieting skills and diet changes are practiced during training camp, one at a time. In sports, many hours of practice are required before the season ever starts. The same pragmatic approach is needed for dieting.


  • After proper preparation, the season begins and the dieter attempts to put it all together.


  • This is followed by the well deserved off-season when the dieter can relax and enjoy his accomplishments while restoring motivation for the following season.


  • The off-season dispels the notion that going off a diet should somehow be considered a failure.


The only failure is not recognizing the natural ebb and flow of life. There is a time to lose, a time to gain, and a time to remain the same. That’s life, why fight it.

As in sports, a perfect blend of seriousness and play is encouraged. It’s in this spirit that the book was written:

  • Dieters are put at ease as they follow the trails and tribulations of the books three fictional characters—Fast Food Freddy, Snack Happy Steve, and Duck Hook Harry, for an entire dieting season.


  • These characters are a composite of the many men I have counseled over the past twenty years.


  • They will voice the concerns of most men, relieving any doubt as to the proper way to proceed.


  • To simplify matters even more, an extensive list of food choices are made available, answering the number one question of most guys —“So, what can I eat?”


  • Food choices are ranked as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Zero-Value making it possible for the participants to progress at their own realistic pace.


In addition, Diet for the Sports-Minded Male provides a system of accountability. In sports, a score is kept so all can plainly see who is winning or losing. This diet will provide scorecards, enabling the dieter to examine his diet like the back of a baseball card. Simple calculations make it easy to determine whether their diets are adhering to the recommendations for 12 key nutritional categories that are based on the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Guys love statistics and filling out scorecards, especially when it helps them stay focused, informed, and aware.

In Summary

The Great American Feeding Frenzy continues, but this is no time to despair. Sports-minded males have everything it takes to succeed. All they need is a solid game plan along with a sense of enthusiasm, excitement, and fun. The once daunting task of getting back into shape can now be done with confidence, using a system designed specifically for men.

If you’re looking for a weight loss and sports nutrition book for men that also covers exercise and health, you’ve found it.  Buy the book now.


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