What is Proactive Aging?

At Proactive Aging we design fitness and nutrition programs for adults over the age of 50 with the desire to be healthy and active for the rest of their lives.

The fitness portion of Proactive Aging emphasizes the improvement of the functional movements that we use everyday. Examples of functional movements involve the strength to bound up a flight of stairs, the power and balance to swing a golf club, the flexibility to get up and down from the floor when playing with their grandkids, or the endurance to take a bike tour of the Napa Valley wine country. Others have more specific goals ranging such as running a faster 10K race, improving muscle tone, or reducing the risk of falling. Proactive Aging is designed to meet the wide range of fitness goals of the 50+ age group.

A primary goal of functional fitness is to add enthusiasm and fun back into exercising. That’s the best way to exercise consistently and get the results you want. The primary goal of exercise is to feel great and move with ease, not for the brain numbing goal of burning a few calories.

The nutritional portion of Proactive Aging is unique in that it starts with foods that you are currently eating. We then systematically tweak your diet one step at a time, at your own pace, so that progress can be sustained indefinitely.

It can be confusing, but for the most part we already know the foods we should and shouldn’t be eating. What is missing is a workable plan of action. A plan that ensures long-term success while guarding against the naturally tendency of trying to do too much too fast. Most of us have learned the hard way that making drastic changes to our diet is difficult to sustain, leading to increased frustration.

Also missing from most diet plans is accountability. We need to be held accountable in order to make significant changes to our habitual behaviors. Proactive Aging gives you the necessary tools to keep yourself in-check and accountable.

The nutritional guidelines follow the evidence-based research of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the USDA. This will give you the knowledge to confidently follow your diet plan and ignore the endless barrage of dietary gimmicks and fads.

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